Halloween Contest – Final Hint!

Final Hint!

Reminders: The objective – Guess My Halloween Costume!!! So, each week, I will post a new hint. Each week, you have an opportunity to take a guess (a total of four guesses )! The First to guess correctly is the winner (contest ends Oct. 27 11:59 pm EDT) !!!

The prize – a bookmark!!! You get to choice which one you want – Java or Skulls and Cross Swords (3D)!

Hint 1  Hint 2 Hint 3

Hint 4:

The name I have taken was passed on to me by another (just as it was passed to him before and the man before him).

3 thoughts on “Halloween Contest – Final Hint!

  1. I don’t think your clues helped me at all. I must not know enough to guess it. I know that last clue is scratching at the back of my brain, but I’m just too tired to remember what it leads to.



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