Create A Scene Tuesday (16)

Sorry I’m late – got caught up in school work. I’m currently typing up my entry, but I thought I could post this week’s topics. Hopefully I’ll have my entry up soon 🙂 .

UPDATE: Posted my entry!

What scene will you create? For rules – please see Create a Scene Tuesdays. Also check out last week’s entries – click here.

This week:

 Character – A Wicked Witch

 Action – Brewing Up Some Trouble

 Setting – Her Witch’s Alter

My entry: “A brew!” the witch cried. “I need a brew – one that will give me youth, locks of golden hair, and a silvery voice. Then I can charm my way to the crown. And once I’m queen, I will kill that rotten prince who dare exiled me to this place.” The old crone took out her iphone and ran her finger over the screen, “Where is that spellbook app? Blast!”

She tossed the phone over her shoulder and marched to her bookshelves. She took an old leather bound book and placed it in front of her alter. Candles burned around her as a small cauldron waited, its hungry mouth open wide.

“I guess I’ll have to do this the old fashion way,” she raised her arms. Pages flew, turning to a list of Potions. “Now, let’s see. Transfiguration, e coli, plague, poison… No, no, no,” she flipped the page. “Dragon’s Breath, fame, fortune, rumba… Ah! Yes, this will do. The Venus Potion! Tips of fur from a black cat and ears of a large bat,” she picked up the two bottles and threw the ingredients into the cauldron. “Lard from a porky pig,” she placed in a package of bacon, “the bark from a hemlock twig. Water from a scummy pond and magic from the great beyond!”

Lightning flashed outside as a purple liquid bubbled.

3 thoughts on “Create A Scene Tuesday (16)

  1. Lydia fussed and paced around her kitchen.
    “It’s only a day away, I hate it!” she whined. “All those little children running around, giggling, screeching, they spoil the day!”
    Lydia decided that she must do something to stop the yearly onslaught of trick or treaters. She stormed to the cabinet over the stove and grabbed a book. She flipped through the pages and smiled when she reached the spell. She chanted
    “Colder than the coldest night,” she cooed as she put the ice cubes into her caldron.
    “Darker than the loss of site,” she whispered and added Belgium chocolate sauce.
    “Whiter than a winter chill,” she hissed over the caldron and added milk.
    “Bring a storm that will stop the thrill,” she added coffee and began to swirl the mixture in the caldron counter clockwise and then clockwise. She tapped the side of the caldron three times. A blizzard started outside of her kitchen window.
    She smiled, lifted the caldron and poured the contents into her blender and swirled the concoction into a delicious frap.


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