Death's Island

Savvy Serpent – Death’s Island

The serpent lunged. Meriden leapt over the serpent’s back, forcing its fangs deep into its own flesh. The serpent released itself quickly with a roar. Meriden ran for her sword.

“Oh, do stay still,” the serpent’s deep voice echoed. “You’re going to give me heartburn.”

Meriden grabbed her sword and dodged behind to a tree, “YOU CAN SPEAK?”

The serpent struck again. Meriden rolled out of the way. He lifted the tree by the roots and spit it out into the lake. Meriden stabbed the serpent’s back. He wheeled, grabbing the hanger by the hilt with his tongue. He tossed it tip first into the sand. Meriden found herself surrounded by the massive tail. They were eye to eye.

The serpent chuckled, “Finally! Now, may I enjoy my meal?”

“Um… It’s amazing…  I… I never met a talking serpent.”

“OH, DO BE QUIET! Your talking will only ruin my pallet. I prefer a quiet, relaxed meal. Now, be still. You won’t feel a thing.”

“Does that line ever work?” Meriden mocked.

“Dear, warriors have trembled before me. Don’t you find me terrifying?”

“Only your breath.”

“Sarcasm will not save you. May I call you dinner?”

The serpent opened his mouth to strike. Meriden lunged for her sword and held it firmly as it pierced into the roof of the serpent’s mouth. He tossed his head back and forth. He wrapped his tongue around the hilt and pulled, but the blade would not budge. His head crashed into the ground knocking Meriden off her feet. He let out a terrible howl. His eyes began to tear.

Meriden walked to the serpent and gazed at the sword. Her hanger dripped with black, tarry liquid.

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