Create A Scene Tuesday (15)

What scene will you create? For rules – please see Create a Scene Tuesdays. Also check out last week’s entries – click here.

This week:

 Character – Someone in Their Late Teens/Early 20’s

 Action – Sensing a Ghost

 Setting – A Room

My entry: I lay in the dark on the rocky mattress. Like every night this semester, I couldn’t fall asleep. How could I, knowing what waited in the darkness of the dorm room.

How no one couldn’t notice is beyond me! That hatred and anger lingering in the air both day and night, it forced the breath from my lungs as if someone placed a boulder on my chest. Sometimes it was so strong I could just see its figure. He stood over my bed staring down at me. His face burnt beyond recognition. I could feel him feeding on my fear, plunging my soul into darkness and despair. No hope, no escape. I can just lay there, helpless.

How could no one see?

6 thoughts on “Create A Scene Tuesday (15)

  1. “Wonderful,” she thought as she knocked on the blue door. The innkeeper, Grace, was a tall slender woman in her fifties with short grey hair. She welcomed Janice and they sat down to tea and scones. Janice was then taken up to her room. It was an adorable suite under the eaves. Janice was thrilled with her decision to not let the tall tales of the haunting to dissuade her from staying here.
    Janice slipped on a sweater and walked the beach for the hour before dinner. Grace served a pot roast with exceptional red wine and fresh rolls. After the repast, Janice retired to her suite, showered, and fell asleep reading poetry.
    At midnight she woke suddenly. “Who’s there?” she called out. A translucent image of a man stepped forward. Janice screamed.


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