Novel Research!

Angry Uncle - We Must do Research!

You always know when I’m finally starting to cook on a writing project. Books upon books of research begin to pile up – around my desk, bedroom, couch, etc… I bury my nose into history, lifestyles, technical terms, anything that will breathe life into my story, giving it reality.

So, how does this link to the photo above? When I was younger, I use to watch ‘Jackie Chan Adventures’ and Uncle (the older man to the right) was one of my favorite characters. And every time I start going through my books, one of his lines consistently goes through my mind, “Uncle must do REE-SEARCH!”

Well, in my case ~ “Kelsey must do REE-SEARCH!” So, that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing. Bury myself in my books and understand the world in which my characters live.

How about you? Do you bury yourself in research as you write?

5 thoughts on “Novel Research!

  1. Sometimes I’ll do the research while I work on a story; but, most of the time I’ll do it after I complete the 1st draft. I just need to get the story down as quickly as I can so nothing’s lost. I’ll fill in the details and facts later on. Either way, research is lots of fun.


  2. I try to do my research before I even start. I have a slight compulsion to have everything perfect and I get tripped up when something’s not quite right. Good luck with the ms!


  3. I can’t see the picture! I have a hard time with WordPress sometimes allowing me to see the picture. Sometimes it’ll ask me if I want to display images and I push yes always but next time there won’t be that option. I want to see it!!!


  4. Oh the research. It’s essential, yet at the same time makes me feel like I”m back in college. There are parts of it that I love (going back to New Orleans for my women’s fiction project was awesome) and some of it…well I failed physics and trying to write a science fiction novel can be interesting!

    I really want you to do a vlog of you saying “KELSEY MUST DO REE-SEARCH.”


  5. I like to do what I call “immerse.” It’s one part research and one part whatever it takes to get in the mood. While writing my 80s novel, it was all 80s tunes ALL the time.

    On a side note – congrats on the 26 days of 30 minutes a day! I didn’t make it nearly so far. :/


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