Death's Island

Loyalties Tested – Death’s Island

Greg was packing his things when he heard footsteps coming down into the lower deck. He turned just in time to see someone slip on the steps. He ran over and caught Meriden around the waist. Meriden stabilized herself and looked down into his eyes with surprise. Greg stared at her in shock. He opened his mouth, but words would not come out.

Meriden glanced at his hands, “Are you going to let go of me or do I need to call Doctor Hobson to surgically remove you.”

Greg released his grip, “My apologies, Ma’am.”

She became dizzy.

“Are you alright, Captain? You look ill.”

“Very good observation, Mr. Wilson. Perhaps you should have become a doctor,” Meriden snapped. “I drank something that didn’t agree with me last night.”

“Here, let me help you,” Greg held out his hand.

“I’m fine. I can come down on my own.”

As she was about to step down, she missed her footing and fell forward. Greg wrapped his arms around her as he caught her once more. He could feel her breathing heavy against his abdomen. Her head rested on his shoulder. Her eyes suddenly flashed and she pushed herself away.

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