Create A Scene Tuesday (14)

What scene will you create? For rules – please see Create a Scene Tuesdays. Also check out last week’s entries – click here.

This week:

 Character – A Werewolf

 Action – What Werewolves Do Best

 Setting – City Park

My entry: Central Park was as quiet as the still air. A fog lingered just above the trimmed grass, coating each blade with a drop of dew. The rain clouds parted to reveal a haunting full moon. A werewolf’s paws silently pressed into the earth, hardly leaving a trace in the moist ground. She was on the prowl, her hunger driving a desperate search. Hunger, that’s all she could feel. Her mind would not focus on anything else. The taste of flesh and bone made her mouth water in anticipation.

Her sensitive ears perked up when the sound of laugher drifted from a park bench. She slipped into the brush and peeked into the clearing. Five college boys passed around beer cans to each other, laughing as they swapped tales.

The werewolf licked her chops, eyes narrowing on her prey. Meat, flesh, bone. It was all she could think about. She lowered herself to the ground, crawling closer and closer. One boy’s head turned as he spotted her eyes. They seemed almost human. She bounded towards them as the boys began to scatter, screaming for their lives.

Jenny shot up in bed. Her heart pounded in fear as she threw off her sheets, placing her feet on the cold wooden floors of her bedroom. She rubbed her face, only to smear fresh mud onto her cheeks. She looked down at her tattered nightgown, her hands and feet coated in mud.

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