{Updated} Creepy Crawlies – Death Island

The whistle of the wind through the hallway jarred my entire body, and my eyes shot open when something stroked my cheek. It was wet, soft, and a trace, yet it was enough to send my heart into a panic. Unable to see what was touching me—a vine, a spider, a scorpion, a human—I scrambled to my feet and dashed in the direction of the pulsing light drifting into the hall. Automatically, I quickly made my way toward the chamber I saw Joshua, George, and Neil entered into an hour ago, only to come toe-to-toe with some kind of large, hairy spider. Consumed with a deep-seated panic, a scream began to escape my lips when a large, warm hand covered my mouth and pulled me into the other nearby chamber.

“Shh,” a familiar voice whispered gently in my ear while his body protectively pressed against my back. “According to Doctor Hobson’s observations, they seem to be aggressive toward any loud sounds.”

Learning that bit of news, I closed my eyes and listened to Greg’s breathing next to my ear. I mimicked the slow breaths and let his rhythm wash over me. After several minutes, he then backed away, turned me around, and used his fingertips to find my face. The heat radiating from his touch melting my anxiety little by little.


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