Death's Island

Creepy Crawlies – Death’s Island

The spider continued to rub its fangs together. She felt for her sword, but remembered that she left her belt at the camp. Maybe if I step on it… she thought. She took a small step forward and raised her foot. She slammed down her foot on the spider’s body. It struggled. Finally, she heard a pop beneath her foot and the legs became still. She glanced down. The spider’s abdomen was flat under her boot. She quickly stepped back and gave a sigh of relief. She felt something crawl in her soul. She wrapped her arms around herself. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a leg twitch. She lashed her head to look at the still body.

“You’re going crazy,” Meriden puffed.

The spider’s legs flailed wildly. Its fangs lashed the air. She screamed with fight.

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