Death's Island

The Starting Voyage – Death’s Island

Joshua blew on a Boswan’s whistle. Cyrus covered his ears to avoid the noise.

“All Hands On Deck! All Hands On Deck!” Joshua grinned at Cyrus, “New toy.”

Joshua blew the whistle again. Cyrus’s head began to pound. He turned and shoved the whistle into Joshua’s mouth.

“I think we’ve had enough of that.”

Joshua spat the whistle out, “Party pooper!”

Meriden watched the two men behave like boys. The crewmen gathered on the main deck. She gazed at one man that stood taller than the rest. He’s hair was shaved off and the sun kissed body was covered in tattoos, including a scorpion wrapped around his neck. The sight of him shot shivers down her spine.

Cyrus queried, “Is everything shipshape?”

“Aye, Captain,” called Swan.

Cyrus frowned, “Very good, but I’m not the Captain.”

The crew whispered amongst themselves.

“Who is the captain then?” one snapped.

Meriden stepped to the rail, “I am your Captain.”

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