Death's Island

Last Flight of the Jolly Roger – Death’s Island

Meriden grabbed the back of a man’s head and gutted him. She glanced over at Greg as he picked up his cutlass.

“CAPTAIN,” Washington yelled, “OFF THE STARBOARD BOW!”

Meriden looked from Washington to Greg. She stepped back and ran up to the railing of the Viper. Meriden glared at Washington as he cradled his bandaged arm.


“I’m sorry, Captain, but,” Washington pointed out towards the fog, “look…”

Meriden turned. Sailing through the mist was a ragged ship. A chipped figurehead of a sea monster and two mermaids caught her eye. A torn bright red flag with a golden laughing skull waved in the breeze. With a sudden flash, a flaming cannonball came hurtling towards them. Meriden jumped on top of Washington, knocking both of them to the ground. The fireball hit the Viper and exploded.

“Holy Crow! We need everyone to get back to the Orion! Get our crew members off this ship!”

“What good will that do?” Washington asked.

“Just do it!”

Washington ran into the crowd of panicked seamen as another fireball hit the deck. Greg ran up to Meriden as she tried to stand. He tucked his cutlass into his belt and he took her hand.

“What’s happening?”

Meriden pointed to the Plunder as it fired another fireball. Greg grabbed her and pulled her away. The fireball landed right where they had stood. The blast knocked them forward.

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