Create a Scene Tuesday (11)

I know this entry is a little longer than usual and even features a sketch of the main character. So, let me explain 🙂 . Last week I dug up an old drawing of a character I created two years ago. However, even though I created the character, I could not find her story. When I found her last week, I felt I should give her life – even if it was just a short scene. I’m hoping that she will, one day, become the main character of a WIP, but no promises. I currently have three other writing projects fighting for my attention.

So, who is your hero? What scene will you create? For rules – please see Create a Scene Tuesdays. For last weeks entries – click here!

This week:

 Character – A Hero

 Action – Facing an Antagonist

 Setting – The Antagonist’s Lair

My entry: Lord Percival sat down to his feast as two young slaves placed his plate and poured his drink. He took one of the girl’s wrists, raising her hand to his lips and kissing her palm. The slave lowered her head as her eyes filled with disgust. She pulled back and walked to her post.

Lord Percival smiled. He threw back his black cape and reached for the roasted goose. A blood-red diamond tipped arrow sunk itself through the bird, cracking the plate and securing itself into the oak table.

“What the?” Lord Percival shot from his seat. “What is the meaning of this?”

“It’s a message,” called a beautiful voice.

Lord Percival gazed up at the beams across the ceiling. Hawk sat above, her leg dangling over the edge. Her hair was pinned up in a bun by two daggers with blood-red diamond blades. She took a bit of an apple, the red skin paled against her lips. She tossed the fruit to the stone floor.

“The people demand that you renounce the throne and put an end to your tyranny,” she continued.

“You! You are the one who has been attacking my guards and stealing my money!”

Hawk’s lips curled into a smile. She slid off the beam and landed gracefully onto the table. She wrapped her bow over her shoulder.

She strolled to the arrow, “The money belongs to the people and this land belongs to your predecessor. The one you accused of murder.”

Hawk pulled the arrow from the table and through the bird’s cooked flesh.


She kicked Lord Percival in the jaw, forcing him back into his chair. He tumbled to the floor. The servant girls gasped as they watched. Hawk sunk the heel of her boot into the Lord’s shoulder.

“What do you say, me lord? Exile or execution?”


Hawk placed the tip of her arrow under his chin, “You didn’t answer my question.”

“I will never surrender my throne! Not to that brat of a prince! And not to a wench such as yourself!”

Hawk knelt in closer, almost grinning to herself, “Good. It’s so much more fun this way.”

Two guards burst through the door. Hawk stood up.

“Kill her! KILL HER!”

Hawk kicked Lord Percival in the face and jumped back. The guards raised their crossbows. She pulled her daggers from her hair and set them fly through the air. They found their targets in the guards’ throats. Hawk stepped backwards, keeping her back to the wall as more guards raced into the dining hall. She glanced sideways and followed a rope to the chandelier over head. She grasped the rope and sliced it with the tip of an arrow.

The chandelier crashed onto the table, scattering crystals across the floor. Hawk was thrown into the air. She twisted around as she swung across the room, letting her back become a shield as she crashed through a stain glass window. She released the rope and plunged into the moat below.

11 thoughts on “Create a Scene Tuesday (11)

  1. I am so glad you found this enchanting drawing and gave the character life! The scene is very well done, suspenseful and visual. I can definitely see this idea expanded into a larger work.

    I was sorry I did participate yesterday in Create a Scene (got sidelined–won’t bore you with the details), but if I can have an extension, I might try later this week. 🙂


  2. “What do You want PURRR-Rude?” snapped an auburn haired cheerleader as she whirled around and collided with Prue.
    “I came to sign up for tryouts,” returned Prue oblivious to the taunt.
    “Alexia, look who wants to sign up for tryouts!”
    A tall willowy blond turned and frowned.
    “Really, PURRR-Rude?” Alexia asked. “Whatever could you offer to the cheer squad?”
    “Well to begin with, I am rated a 9.5 physically which means I compete with any of you in terms of looks. And I’m extremely flexible.”
    She demonstrated with a sideways split and sprang to her feet.
    Alexia smirked. “Alright PURRR-Rude, meet us at Blackwater Cave at 4:15 PM. You’ll have to pass the test.”
    “Tryouts aren’t until Wednesday.” Prue stated.
    “Yes, PURRR-Rude, but you have to pass a special test.” Replied Alexia, winking at the squad.
    After classes Prue stuffed her back pack and grabbed her costume for the annual Halloween dance. She raced toward the door.
    Prue turned to see her friend Becky trying to catch up with her.
    “Becky, I am in a hurry, I have to meet the squad at Blackwater Cave.”
    “Prue, I can’t understand why you want to be a cheer leader.” whined Becky.
    “I like the uniforms.” Prue yelled, hurtling out the double doors.
    She unlocked her bicycle and peddled quickly to meet the cheer squad at Blackwater cave. The whole squad was waiting for her.
    “I really didn’t expect you to show up, PURRR-Rude.”
    “Why not? You know I want to join the squad?”
    “Let’s just say I didn’t think you had the guts. Turn around.”
    Alexia pulled a scarf from her purse and pulled it tightly over Prue’s eyes.
    “What are you doing?” protested Prue.
    “It’s part of the test.” Alexia replied.
    Alexia grabbed the locket around Prue’s neck and yanked it off.
    “Hey.” protested Prue, “my father gave me that!”
    Another girl ripped Prue’s backpack and costume from her.
    “Give me back my things!” Prue yelled.
    “You’ll get them back, don’t worry.” Alexia giggled.
    The squad led Prue to the mouth of the cave. Alexia pulled the scarf down to so Prue could see. She dangled the locket in front of her.
    “You want this back?” Alexia taunted. “Go find it!” With that she hurled the locket deep into the cave.
    Prue looked at the squad confused. The girls dumped the contents of her backpack on the ground and threw it into the woods. Then they ran off with her costume and bike giggling.
    “That should keep her so busy she won’t be able to wear this lovely gown at the Halloween dance tonight.” Sniggered Alexia, as she tore the skirt of the gown in several places and trampled it in the dirt.
    Prue knelt down and collected her things and neatly reorganized her pack. She grabbed her flashlight and walked into the cave. She trained the light on the ground and looked for her locket. Her dad had just given it to her for her thirteenth birthday and she wasn’t going to leave without it.
    Prue discovered something shiny at her feet. She picked it up. It was a beautiful bracelet. Moving further in, she found another necklace. Prue began collecting several pieces of jewelry and stuffed them into her pack. Finally, she came across her locket. She opened it and smiled at the picture of her mother and dad. She snapped it closed and walked out of the cave. She started down the trail where she found her costume on the ground, ripped and trampled. Prue groaned. She had worked for weeks on the elegant costume made of rich red satin. She finished it in her home ec class just before the bell. She gathered it up and walked home.
    Later that night Prue walked up behind Alexia and tapped her on her shoulder. Alexia whirled around and stared at Prue. Prue was covered in jewelry. The assortment of necklaces, rings, anklets and bracelets, clinked musically. Cinched round her waist was Alexia’s scarf. She looked stunning in the gypsy costume she created from the shredded gown they left behind.
    Pure smiled. “Did I pass the test?” Alexia shrieked in anger and stormed out of the party.
    Prue’s friend Becky walked up to her.
    “Prue you look stunning! Is that the gown you made in home ec? And where did you get all that jewelry?”
    “I just learned the secret of Blackwater Cave.”


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