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Welcome to Meet an Author Monday hosted by Confessions of a California Cheer Mom!

A little about me: Kelsey Ketch is a graduate student living in North Carolina, where she finds a wealth of resources for her writing. Much of her young life was influenced by her father’s love of the sea and nature, inspiring her sense of adventure in both her hobbies and future careers. When he died of cancer, Death Island was her way of escaping the world and coping with the loss. She spent years researching the lifestyles of the eighteen century in England and the colonies, as well as maritime history to create this adventure.

You can find out a little more about me on my Ketch Interview page or follow me on Twitter and Goodreads.

A Little About Death Island – not yet published, but currently repersented byAgent  Bree Ogden: Hidden under the cover of fog, unseen by most mortal eyes, an island lies just east of the colonies. Here, Death wields his power and chooses the fate of his victims’ afterlife.

Meriden Cook’s troubles began a hundred years before, when her great grandfather stumbled into the mysterious world. A former naval officer, Cutup Cook was on the run for piracy. Death ensnared him in a deal that entailed the harvesting of human souls in exchange for unimaginable treasure. However, Cutup grew weary of his duties and tries to shirk his commitment. For this act, Death wrecks the Plunderer, and places a curse upon his family’s bloodline – a curse that later caused the mysterious disappearance of Meriden’s father.

Decades pass. The story of Cutup fades into legend until Meriden unearths Cutup’s map. She takes command of her father’s ship, the Orion, and journeys across the sea to solve her family secret. Her good friends – the dashing Doctor George Hobson; the playful cook, Matthew Kettlesworth; the wealthy and attractive Rupert Railing; and the handsome and passionate stowaway, Gregory Wilson, accompany her.

Despite their efforts, the group finds trouble around every corner including a mutinous crew, treacherous storms, and sailors bewitched by greed. Those issues pale in comparison to the cursed forests and hideous monsters they find once on Death’s Island.

You can check out a few excerpts on my Death Island page.

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