Death's Island

Mayhem – Death’s Island

Coors raised his legs and pushed her back into the chairs. Meriden’s hanger flew out of her hand. The sound of cracking wood echoed like thunder as several chairs broke underneath her. One leg of a chair tore through her nightgown. She gulped as she stared at the sharp stick. Coors grinned as he kicked the hanger towards the table of clocks. He raised his sword, about to plunge his blade into her heart when Tucker hobbled in.

“Tucker, fetch,” Meriden called.

Tucker saw the wooden leg and started towards it.

“No, No, NO!” Coors shouted as Tucker grabbed his leg. “BAD DOG! GET OFF!”

Tucker snarled as he dragged Coors across the dusty floor. He tugged until the leg popped off. Coors pushed himself up and hopped on his one leg to look at the smiling corgi.

“I guess you’re just someone he can sink his teeth into,” Meriden smiled amused by the scene.

Coors turned around to meet a fist to his jaw. He twisted and fell back tripping over Tucker. Coors crashed onto the table of clocks. The table broke in half letting all the clocks slid on top of his head. Meriden slowly walked up to him and kicked his foot. He didn’t move. She bent down to pick up her sword.

5 thoughts on “Mayhem – Death’s Island”

  1. I love the pacing, especially the beginning of the last paragraph! I can see the scene clearly in my mind as I read it. You are definitely whetting our appetite for more. 😀


  2. You certainly have a way of conveying action in the written word. This scene is packed with action and humor. Thank you so much for the peek in to Death’s Island. Please Kelsey, can we have some more?


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