Somerset Place – a Historic Plantation

I’ve wanted to go to Somerset Place for weeks now, every since I read about it in Our State magazine. This was my chance, my three day weekend opportunity, to go and explore. And no rain, snow, hurricane, or a blasted cold was going to stop me. I took all my medications, packed plenty of water, and headed out on a three hour drive towards the historic plantation in Creswell.

So, why was this trip such an important event for me? Well, it was because one of the writing projects I’m currently working on has a scene set just outside a plantation. Though it’s a small scene, I feel ever setting should be explored. I wanted to understand the life style and culture of the time.  And I never pass to do a research field trip.

While at Somerset Place, built in 1785 (a bit after my timeline, but still worth visiting), I was able to explore the fields, the enslaved community housing, the overseer’s home, and of course Josiah Collins III Family Home. For a few hours, I stepped into each life to understand what scenes, what experiences, and what activities might be occurring during my characters’ brief encounter.  Even better, I got to see the layout of a plantation for that period in time.

Then it was home to rest. The trip was well worth it, but draining of energy. Happy Labor Day Weekend!

One thought on “Somerset Place – a Historic Plantation

  1. This place looks gorgeous! What a great scene it will make. I wish I could visit all the places my characters get to venture in my stories…but for now I guess I’ll have to settle for google.


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