Death's Island

Treacherous Trail – Death’s Island

(Note: The raven is the character Death in mortal form.)

Hours passed as the unending trail weaved into a grove of smooth sand. A man was swallowed by the earth, forcing him to drop the chest. The sand came up to his waist.

“GRAB THAT CHEST!” Blake ordered.

“CAPTAIN!” the man shouted. “HELP ME!”

Meriden glared at Blake.


Meriden pulled the rope out of Zack’s hands.

“Hey! What do you think…”

Meriden shoved him aside and ran to the edge of the sand.

“Grab this!”

She tossed the rope to the pirate. The man pulled his hand from the sand and took the rope. The raven dived over head. Meriden dodged, but refused to give up. She started to pull. The man’s abdomen slid out of the sand. Blake drew his dagger.

“NO, DON’T!”


Blake gave a crooked smile and cut the rope.

“What are you doing?” Meriden snapped, shoving him away from the edge.

She knelt down trying to reach for the rope. Death cackled as the sand slowly swallowed the rest of the man whole. Blake grabbed the rope that bounded Meriden’s wrists and hoisted her up. He held her over to the edge of the quick sand.


2 thoughts on “Treacherous Trail – Death’s Island”

  1. This scene captures a dark soul. A man who can stand by and watch another be swallowed up by quick sand has a black heart. Thanks for sharing Kelsey.


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