Looking towards the Future – A Writer’s View

On Wednesday, Renae Mercado posted a wonderful post called “Have You Ever Wondered?” A post on the thrill of a book release:

“Well yesterday, as I made a mad dash into the mall after school, I had this very thought. I speed walked my way through Dillards without even taking a glance at the shoe department. (That’s like asking me to stop breathing!) But I digress…I entered the main area of the mall and made my way to the bookstore… If the day ever comes that one of my books makes its way into bookstores, I hope that at least one person is as excited to read it as I was to read my new book.”

I’ve been pondering that moment since I read her post and the things I look forward to when Death’s Island is released.

Being a reader as well as a writer, some special moments have been at book releases. Great memories, especially the Harry Potter book releases. I would dress up and wait in line with my allowance for my preordered copy waiting behind the register. But, all book releases are special for they bring a new world into my life. And the day itself: the thrill that the moment has finally come, the rush of getting to the bookstore, and the final moment of cracking the binding and diving into the pages.

I hope readers feel the same rush when Death’s Island finally comes out to bookstores. I know it’s a long way off right now, but this is how I picture spending my book release day (and this could always change as time moves on):

I have just woken up, and dashed out of bed. My mind is racing with excitement. I drive down to my favorite bookstore, where they are setting up a display – I’m not sure what it will look like, but I picture Death eyes glaring out just above the books, his hands clutching the sides of the display. The glimmer of a glossy cover catches my eye as the staff stock the shelves.

I continue to my favorite café to have my morning cup of coffee. I’ll sit at my favorite spot, a spot with a great view of the young adult section.

People begin to gather in the store. Some have heard about the new release and head over to the display to pick up their very own copy. Others may have just been passing by, picking up a copy to read the inner cover and maybe slipping it in with the other books they plan to purchase.

I smile to myself, thinking of the new homes my book has just found. The adventures that await to be unleashed. But, I can’t spend too much time watching with my now cold coffee cup. I have events to plan. A twitter party later that day to celebrate the release and maybe a book blog tour and blog interviews.

Well, as you know, plans always change, but this is what I picture. We’ll see how things work out. For all I know, it could be even better than I have pictured.

So, how about you? Do you have similar dreams? What do you dream of for your book release?

2 thoughts on “Looking towards the Future – A Writer’s View

  1. Kelsey, I know one reader who will fight her way to the front of the line to buy Death’s Island. I will need to push a lot of other people out of the way, but I’ll just have to be rude. 🙂

    I love this visualization you have shared. I also enjoyed reading about your experience with Harry Potter. I didn’t have anything quite like that in the 1970s, but I got to see it and live it a bit vicariously through our son. He would usually get the newest book when it came out (for some reason, I’m remembering it was usually on a Friday?), and spend the next however many hours it took to read it straight through.

    I hope you are feeling well enough to enjoy the long weekend!


    1. Thank you, Lisa! And I’ll be camping outside the bookstore the night before to be first in line for Planting Words: My Friend Oscar Michaeux on it’s release day. I’m getting better – even have a post for later this weekend. I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!


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