Create A Scene Tuesday (8)

Hi, everyone! Man, the weeks are flying. So, this week’s entry was inspired by a dream I had – or one may call it a nightmare. But, I thought the basic concepts would be great categories for Create a Scene Tuesday.

For rules – please see Create a Scene Tuesdays. For last weeks entries – click here!

This week:

 Character – A Ghostwhisperer

 Action – Experiencing a Supernatural or Paranormal Moment (Just for fun: check out a post by my agent, Bree Ogden, on the differences between Paranormal v.s. Supernatural)

 Setting – A School Setting

My entry: Jessie walked through the doorway of an abandoned schoolhouse. A powerful, negative energy about the room made her nerves tingle. She ran her fingers across the dusty desks.

“Anne,” she called to the spirit. “Anne, I know you’re here. Can we please talk?”

The door suddenly slammed closed, making Jessie’s heart jump. A piece of chalk rose up to the blackboard. It began to scratch “HELP ME” in the top left corner.

Jessie stepped forward, “Help me?”

Another piece of chalk flew through the air, hitting Jessie in the shoulder.


Jessie bent down and picked up the chalk. She stared at it as she raised herself up. The desks around her began to shake. “HELP ME” continued to appear on the blackboard, over and over, as if it was a child’s punishment. Jessie covered her face as chalk flew at her at full speed. She raced for the door, trying to force it open. Something seemed to be pulling it closed on the other side. The desks crawled towards Jessie, locking her into a corner.

Jessie yanked the door open and raced outside. The energy she had felt earlier lifted from her shoulders. She turned and peeked into the schoolhouse to find everything back in its place. The board completely erased.

9 thoughts on “Create A Scene Tuesday (8)

  1. Wonderful hydra and scene, Kelsey! It’s interesting how such commonplace items such as a classroom or blackboard can become scary.

    I always look for your post Monday evening so I can think about what I’ll write as I fall asleep, but this one might give me a nightmare. 🙂 Until tomorrow…


  2. Janet didn’t know why she was drawn to the neighbor where she grew up, but it astonished her even more when she found herself standing in front of the old condemned building that used to be her elementary school. She had an irresistible urge to go in against her better judgment. She circled the building twice. She found a door that was ajar and gently pushed it. It groaned and submitted, exposing the tattered interior that now was the home to spiders and mice. Janet grimaced and entered. She was drawn to the room where she attended sixth grade. She peered through the door. The room looked like it did when she spent the year there in 1980-1981. She slipped inside and walked to her old desk. She lifted the lid and the contents flew out at her. Janet screamed, ducked, and raced to the door. The door slammed shut. Janet grabbed the door knob and yanked as hard as she could. The door refused to budge. Janet ran to the window and tried to open it. It too was stuck. Janet was terrified. She ran back to the door. All of a sudden she heard a child giggle. She turned around to see the ghost of a former classmate. The small girl grabbed the door knob and opened the door. Janet ran out of the building, and never returned.


  3. Sophi, I love how you reserved the giggle for the end of the scene! What a polite little ghost. 🙂



    The teacher looked up from the papers she was grading at her desk. A curtain was sucked against the screen of an open window, and a cold wind swirled outside.

    She walked to the window to close it, wondering if she would finish all the freshmen essays before the rain started. Just as she reach up to pull down the heavy pane, she heard the voice again.


    It was a name and a voice she hadn’t heard in a long time.

    “What do you want?” Her voice was high and thin, filled with fear.

    You know what I want. I want my name back. It’s not nice to take things that don’t belong to you.

    The teacher who called herself Julie turned to run from the room when whisper wrapped itself around her and she felt herself go back to the day it all began.


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