Death's Island

The Map Revealed – Death’s Island

She glanced at the skin, the blood caught her eye. It seemed to glow in the darkness, forming the lines of a compass rose. Meriden’s mind raced with excitement.

“I wonder.”

Meriden grabbed her knife and carefully cut her palm. She placed her hand on the leather. The skin simmered an eerie whitish blue. Richie arched his back, hissed, and jumped off of the bed. Meriden could fell her whole body tingle. Her cuts and brushes began to disappear on her arm. Once her body was healed, she felt her blood rush to the skin. A shot of pain coursed through her veins like knifes stabbing every part of her. Her heart pounded in her ears blocking out her screams. She curled over as her guts began to knot up.

The blood inched along the skin, weaving and leaching through the pores. Lines were painted from a compass rose. An island slowly emerged. Four slashes broke the island into three sections. The first split the island into two parts in the north. Only a large gorge attached the northern mountains and forests to the main island. The second slit carved a canyon, which spread half way through the island into a bay. Thick palm tree forests covered each side of the cliffs. The last two slashes were located in the lower part of the island, leaving only a small piece of land to connect the southern part to the main land. Latitude and longitude appeared in the lower corner of the map:

28 degrees 15 minutes 36 seconds North

71 degrees 29 minutes 12 seconds West

The skin’s glow gently faded away. Meriden collapsed, knocking the skin off the table.

9 thoughts on “The Map Revealed – Death’s Island”

  1. Oh, what a treat! Thank you for sharing this excerpt, Kelsey. I agree that the compass rose image develops in a way that plays a movie in my mind. I can hardly wait to see Death’s Island on the shelf and say, “I know about this book!” 😀


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