Create A Scene Tuesday (6)

Welcome! First, I wanted to share a scene I wrote during Emma Michaels’s Twitter Party for the release of The Thirteenth Chime. Which was a lot of fun may I add. I came into the party to find our host in Twitter jail – oh no! So, as her guests, several of us tried to write her out. Here is my scene (I’ll admit it’s not my best, but it’s not bad for in flight twitter writing – the only thing change is that I got rid of the @ and one sentence disappeared, so I tried to copy it from memory 🙂 ):

Emma Michaels stirred from the darkness, only the bars of a cell could be seen. A faint number could be seen, 13. The ticking of a clock echoed in the shadow as a cloaked man stepped forward. The clock he carried lingered between life and death itself, their hand gasping the stem. He held it out, the glass reflecting Emma’s face. It was as pale a ghost. The hands spun backwards, turning and turning. Laugher surrounded the empty room.

“Your time has come.”

“Not yet!”

Though the figure could not be seen, Emma could tell it was a voice of a handsome man. A flaming blade wheeled through the air. The cloaked man feel cracking the time piece and the powers of life and death swallowed him whole. The blade swiped the bar, tearing them apart. He held out his hand as Emma stepped out. He wrapped his arm around her and guided her by the light of the sword to safety.

Now onto this weeks Create a Scene! So, I’ll be starting school Wednesday ( 😦 or 🙂 – I’m not sure yet). So, this week my thoughts are turned onto that fateful first day. For rules – please see Create a Scene Tuesdays. For last weeks entries – click here!

This week:

 Character – A College Student

 Action – Walking to Their First Class

 Setting – Any College or University

My entry: My headset to my iPod was wrapped around my ears, but I could hardly hear the music over my thoughts. It was my first day back to class after a long, wonderful summer vacation. The trees of the campus were still green and the air still hot, how could school start already?

My mind was torn. I wished to enjoy the peace and quiet of my time off with the adventure of the events that occurred. However, I was already drowning in a pool of papers and homework. I hadn’t even stepped into my first day, yet I was planning my schedule and wishing for the weekend.

Why? Why am I so scared and terrified of my first day? I love school. I love to learn. So, why this fear each year, each start of the school week?

I continued passed the brick buildings and the student center. The line for the bookstore led right out the door. Oh, I still yearn to go back and start the summer all over again. Then there is the yearn to learn, to meet new professors and new students. To have my mind expand and study new concepts that I have never realized existed before that day.

I walked to a door inside the General Building. The number read one hundred and three. I looked at my schedule to verify.

“Well, at least I didn’t get lost this year.”

6 thoughts on “Create A Scene Tuesday (6)

  1. A Twitter party! I learned something new today. What a fun idea.

    Your scene captures well the ambivalence you are feeling about going back to school. I completely understand. I hope that today is a 🙂 day for you.

    Here is my scene:

    She thought she would feel different. This was, after all, her chance to start over, to unveil Laura 2.0, to turn her back on the last four years and never, ever look back.

    But it was just like before, just bigger. The students bumped and jostled their way past her on the sidewalk, looking as though they had been on campus for months rather than days. She thought the Physics Building should be right here, but all she saw were the library and a dorm.

    She stepped out of the flow of foot traffic, sat on the grass, and pulled a campus map from the front zipper pocket of her backpack. Pathetic. That’s what she was. No one else needed a map. She saw that she had turned one block too soon back at the union, and the Physics Building was now half a mile away. There was no way she’d get there and find her classroom in the two minutes left before class started.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. She returned the map to her backpack, pushed herself up, and brushed the grass clippings off her jeans.

    The crowd of students had thinned out. She walked as quickly as she could, but no so fast that she would enter the room out of breath. In the Physics Building, a group of students were waiting for the elevator. Laura ran up the stairs instead and stopped only when she arrived at the large double doors that led to “Sorkin Lecture Hall.” Taking a deep breath and brushing her long bangs out of her face, she opened the door and entered.

    The room was dark, empty.

    She sat in the first chair she saw and cried.


  2. LOVE IT! It made me want to cry. I’m just on break from my first day – so far so good 🙂 . Laura shouldn’t feel to bad, I still use a campus map.


    1. I’m glad your day was a 🙂 one! I have no idea where the sadness from that scene came from–I didn’t start out with it in mind. That’s one reason I like this exercise so much.


  3. It was the day after Labor Day and I was late getting out of the house. Today was the first day of school. I parked my lime green bug in the parking structure on the far end of campus. My’ History of the Middle Ages’ class was in Stanton Hall and I had never been to that building before, but I had mapped it online and I was certain I would have no issue finding it. I tucked my books under my arm and slipped my ear phones into my ears. I pushed the button on my Ipod and danced down the sidewalk. Ten minutes later the building loomed before me. Five stories up, I wish I had stuck to my cardio program. I puffed up to the fifth floor and headed to room 524, which was a smaller auditorium. I found a seat in the middle of the room and made myself comfortable. I sketched as I waited, and waited, and waited. After 10 minutes and no one else entering the room, I realized it was either the wrong place or the wrong time. I whipped out my laptop and accessed my schedule. I glanced down at the date in the corner of the screen, the day was right. I checked my schedule, the room was right. I checked my email, the professor decided to meet outside the building! I grabbed my gear, flew down the stairs and ran out to find the class settled under the shade trees in the courtyard. I slipped in among the students seated in the grass, embarrassed beyond belief, until the cutest guy I ever saw slipped up behind me. I turned and smiled.
    He whispered, ‘I didn’t read my email. ‘
    I responded, ‘Neither did I.’
    He asked me to join him for coffee after class and the rest is, well, history.


    1. Darn! Though I had a great first day, I wish it went a little more like this scene! I would love to sit outside for a class and meet a cute guy and have coffee with him 😀 . All well, maybe next year. Great Scene!


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