Resting the Mind, Body, and Soul

For the past few days, I have been having writer’s block on my current Passion Project that I’ve been working on for the past eight months. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t flow my thoughts together. And a second Passion Project I came up with just this summer has been running through my head at the same time. I’ve been trying to push it aside to work on the first, but it won’t let up. Talk about a headache.

So, time for a small vacation, a trip to get my mind off of things and Wrightsville Beach is the best spot. I started out yesterday morning at about 7:00 AM – it’s a two hour drive from Raleigh.  Grabbed breakfast at Starbucks, and headed to the shore.  Amazingly, I actually got a spot at my favorite kiosk parking lot and toted my gear to the beach.  I got a huge umbrella/shelter from BJ’s and a carpet for inside.  I also brought a journal, sunscreen, and a sheet to drape over the front of the umbrella to create a shelter if I felt like a lying down for a while.

I had a great time.  It started as a stormy day, a light drizzle over the shore. I walked the surf until the tide came to my thighs. There wasn’t any lightning and the life guard didn’t call out to stay away from the water, so I felt safe. I saw fish come in with the tide including baby sand sharks and Atlantic mole crabs which I caught for closer examination.  When I tried to release the crab back into the shallow tide, it tried bury itself in my palm. He finally found his way back into the ocean. Needless to say I did not play with the baby sand sharks.  There is so much life on the coast here, in the spring there were thousands of tiny triangular Coquina shells burying themselves into the sand.

As the sun began to shine, I went back to my shelter. I lay down and next thing I know I’m waking up from an hour and a half nap. I was luck none of the kids around me decided to build a sand castle on me or something. I packed my things and had lunch at the Oceanic.  I left the resort town at 2:00 PM and was in the shower by 4:30 PM after the best day trip I’ve ever had. The only reminder of daily life was a package from my school. My books were delivered. To continue the day in bliss, I hid them in the closet and watch Blackbeard’s Ghost with my cats.

As for my writer’s block, I still have it. But, I decided to go back to my old habits when I started Death’s Island in High School, forget writing from page one through and focus of scenes and concepts until the story line begins to flow on its own. As for the second project, if I have an idea, write it down – there is no rank when it comes to the imagination.

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