Post-Project Depression

Since Sunday, I have been battling an ailment which includes fatigue, muscle pain, headaches, and dizziness. And since I can’t narrow down the source, I have decided that it’s Post-Project Depression (PPD). After working on a project, I always seem to get ill with something. No matter how hard I try to prevent it. Cold Snap, Vitamin C, etc… Nothing keeps it away. Even working on other projects can’t stop the dreaded PPD.

For four weeks, I worked on my novel, revising and editing. Though very satisfying and I’m very pleased that I did the work (the book sounds so much better!), it took a lot of my energy. PPD was bound to set in, but it set in hard this time. I just have to continue forward, working on new ideas and concepts. And maybe take a nap once and a while. School will be starting soon and I need to rest.

8 thoughts on “Post-Project Depression

  1. This makes complete sense! During the time that you are hard at work on your novel you don’t worry about illnesses, people, life, everything just passes you by, but the minute you leave the novel you realize that life, people and those illnesses you tried to avoid come back and they hit full force!


  2. Kelsey, feel better soon! I definitely have gone through PPD at different times, especially after a book’s publication (something to keep in mind for later). Take good care of yourself for the rest of the summer. Naps are a great idea! Hugs, Lisa


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