Let’s Get Creative!

For the past few weeks, I have been revising and editing my work. Though a long process, it was very satisfying to finally finish (for now). Now, my mind deserves a break as I turn back to old childhood memories, locked in dusty storage bins. I have dug out one of the oldest memories of all, my copies of the Darkwing Duck series and even an old Darkwing Duck book I used to read. If you couldn’t guess, Darkwing Duck was my favorite character as a child and it’s nice to see an old friend.

Always try to stay young! – that is one of my rules. Even if it mean watching, reading, or listening to things that were from your childhood. So, what brings you back to your childhood days?

4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Creative!

  1. Kelsey, first, congratulations on the editing!

    I loved the video (perfect for a Saturday morning!) and your suggestion to stay young. Your post has sent me on a journey back in time this morning. 🙂


  2. A lovely post. My seven-year old son helps keep me young. We watch a lot of the old Scooby Doo shows and play catch outside whenever we can. I get to relive my childhood through him 🙂



  3. I went to the library and found copies of The Happy Hollisters in their original red hardbound covers. I read them as a child. They’re packed away at my mom’s, but I wanted to check some out anyway. Maybe I will next visit. It was happier, simpler times, in the books and in my life.


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