Create a Scene Tuesday (3)

Hi everyone! Below is this weeks hyrda heads and as promised, I have a female character this time.

For rules – please see Create a Scene Tuesdays.

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This week:

 Character – Highschool Student (female)

 Action – Studying

 Setting – Library

My entry: Amy sat at her usual table in the middle of Ravenburg High’s Library. The desk was covered in history text books. She had a world history test in two hours. She even skipped lunch to study. Topics ranged from Ancient Greece to the fall of Rome, and she had three hundred years left to review.

A crowd of gold and black caught her eye as a group of football jocks walked into the library. Amy spied one in particular; a tall young man with dark hair and a grin that could melt the hearts of every cheerleader in the school. Amy ducked below the deck as her heart jumped into her throat.

OMG, she thought, What is HE doing here? She try to calm her breathing, I’ve got to get out of here without him see me! But, HOW?

Amy glanced at the exit sign. She gathered her books, tucking them under her chin. She stood up and started towards the exit when her foot caught the leg of her chair. Her books flew to the floor. She dropped to her knees, scrambling to pick them up. One book rose into the air as a pair of tennis shoes stood in front of her. Amy pushed her glasses onto the bridge of her nose and looked up into the handsome face.

“Hi, Amy.”

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  1. Sandra’s research project was due on Friday morning and she still had to read two more Shakespear plays. She just finished MacBeth and slammed the book closed. She looked up at the shelf and realized that next play was on the top. Sandra cringed at the idea of getting on the ladder to reach it. She pulled the old wooden relic along the rail to the spot and started to climb to the top. The middle rung gave way and she screamed. She lost her grip and fell, landing the arms of the cutest boy on the basketball team.


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