Create a Scene Tuesday (2)

Welcome back to ‘Create a Scene Tuesday’. Sorry I’m posting this early, but I wasn’t sure if I would have time in the morning. Below is this weeks hyrda heads. Remember, take your time. You can’t rush creativity. And have fun! (For rules and to read last weeks entries, please see Create a Scene Tuesdays).

I’m not sure what inspired me this weeks ‘heads’. Maybe I been reading King Arthur and The Dragon and the George to many times. I promise, next week will be a female character.

This week:

 Character – A Prince

 Action – Hunting

 Setting – Europe

My entry: Prince Edwin rode into the Black Forest of Germany, his crossbow tied to his saddle. Two of his best knights trotted by his side. Stopping in a clearing, they dismounted and wandered into the wood. They strolled through the brush.

A twig snapped ahead. Prince Edwin raised his hand and peered through the trees. A deer nibbled the tender grass by a glimmering lake. He signaled to his knights to move round. They spilt, heading towards the shoreline. The prince aimed his bow, keeping the deer in his sight.

He was about to signal to move in when a large serpent sprang out of the lake. It scooped the deer into its mouth and snapped its might jaw, gulping its meal. Prince Edwin gazed in disbelief. He snapped out of his trance as his two knights charged for their horses. He ran after them.

5 thoughts on “Create a Scene Tuesday (2)

  1. Reginald William Wright was the cousin of the crown prince Michael Wentworth Wright and second in line to the throne in the event that Michael could not serve. As a member of the court, Reg was very excited about the hunt on the morrow. He and his cousin would ride out with a contingent of knights to hunt the six point hart that eluded all the best hunters in the county. There was a friendly competition between the two lads and the opportunity to show off his bowmanship thrilled Reg. The contingent men road out at dawn and headed east from the castle into a lush green forest. The young men spent most of the morning seeking out the hart, but it was nowhere to be found. Just as they decided to head back to the castle, a scout spotted the hart. Reginald and Michael knocked their arrows and aimed. Reginald’s arrow hit its mark and brought down the great stag. Simultaneously, Michael fell from his saddle; his arrow never left this bow.


  2. I love your scene and especially the voice! I’m also glad to have read this tonight before bed… I can let my subconscious work on the hydra heads before tomorrow. 😉

    Great series!


  3. The prince stopped his horse at the edge of the forest, dismounted, and tied him to a tree. “Shhhh,” he said softly, running his hand down the horse’s forehead. “This time I’ll get him.” He pulled extra arrows from the bag on the horse’s back and put them in his quiver.

    He walked softly into the trees in the direction where he had last seen the fox. The birds above him rustled among the leaves. He heard something moving through the grass behind him, then what sounded like a triumphant laugh. Turning his head, he saw a flash of red fur, and then it was gone, racing back to the clearing where it would disappear before he could remount his horse.

    This was the third time he’d actually seen the shape shifter, although he’d felt his presence many times, as a deer, a snake, a crow. He would follow it yet again as far as he could.

    His horse was waiting for him. “He went toward the castle, Prince Henry,” she said.


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