Create a Scene Tuesdays

Now that I have introduced the Writer’s Hydra, it’s time to Create a Scene’. So, here are the rules – Every Tuesday, I’ll list the three heads (character, action, and setting). With these items, you create a short scene. Please keep it PG. Once you have completed your scene, post it in the ‘comment’ section below. That’s it! Oh, and have fun!

This week:

Character – A teenage boy

Action – Fishing

Setting – The Mediterranean Sea

My entry: A teenage boy sailed his family’s small fishing boat out into the Mediterranean Sea. He cut the engine upon the deep, clear waters, casting his net. He started to drag in his catch. There was a slight tug on the rope. The boy pulled harder. Fish after fish flopped onto the deck. When the last bit of net inched towards the boat, two arms wrapped around his neck. A daughter of Poseidon pressed her lips to his.

The tides rose and the sky rumbled. A figure surfaced, towering above the couple. Poseidon glared as his daughter kissed the mortal boy. He placed his triton’s barbs into the sea and stirred the waters. A whirlpool stretched, engulfing the fishing boat.

The boy panicked as the boat spun in circles at the lip of the whirlpool. The girl clung to him until the sea finally swallowed her into the depths. Satisfied, Poseidon raised his triton and dove back into his kingdom. The massive wave sent the boy and his boat off towards Grecian shores.

Now, it’s your turn. Let your imagination run wild! And spread the word!

4 thoughts on “Create a Scene Tuesdays

  1. I really love this idea for a series, and I’ve been thinking about your “heads” all afternoon. I like how you wove in the mythical elements in your scene.

    Here goes:

    I knew this would be a mistake. Just Dad and me on a boat and miles and miles of blue green sea. He had insisted on getting up early enough to beat the other tourists, and, true to his word, here were were, alone. Not even the sun was completely out of bed yet.

    The only saving grace was that we had to be quiet to keep from scaring the fish away, so I didn’t have to answer his zillions of questions or pretend to find his jokes funny. Did he really think this trip would make up for everything else? For mom and Gracie? For the lies, especially the lie? I guess he did, but I wasn’t buying it. Not this time. Not any more.

    Maybe the fish could sense the tension, because they weren’t biting. As my mood rose with the sun, Dad’s fell as other boats joined us and we were obviously not going to have any seafood tonight for dinner, at least not any we caught. At last he reeled in his line, and we turned the boat around.


  2. Peter woke up as the first rays of sunlight kissed the golden sands that lined the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. He dressed and headed to the dock where his fishing boat, Misty, gently rocked. He climbed in and headed her out toward the horizon where the sunrise dazzled and dappled in the playful waves.
    Peter looked up and noted the blazing sky.
    “Red sky in morning,” he murmured.
    Peter cast his nets out into the water and hauled in his first load. Luck was with him and he brought in net after net. His small boat was overflowing with fish. But Peter could not stop. As he pulled in his catch the sky darkened, and the wind picked up. The waves started to toss the small boat back and forth. A larger boat pulled alongside and the crew offered to haul him in, but Peter refused. One more load he thought. As he cast his net, a huge wave hit the Misty and capsized her. Peter hit his head on the rail and was knocked out. Peter was found washed ashore, lucky to be alive.


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