Who’s your character?

Interesting question. I pondered this myself for days. It’s very rare for me to find a character in a book or in a movie that I can actually relate to. Many times, I have to create a new character for myself. There is only one character that I can honestly say is like me in any way: Captain Morgan Adams from Cutthroat Island.

Captain Morgan Adams, a pirate sailing the Caribbean. She is a strong character. She’s a quick thinker when danger is on the horizon, and isn’t afraid to push the limits. When it comes to her wit, her mouth is faster than her blade. She fights with style and flare, showing the power and elegance of a woman.  Her life is an adventure.

So, who is your character? That one person you can relate too. It can be from a movie, book, graphic novel, etc… Also, give an explanation of why they represent you.

One thought on “Who’s your character?

  1. Well, I relate to Lara Croft – Tomb Raider. Lara is equally capable of taking care of herself with the ability to disarm with either charm or martial arts. Attractive, smart, witty, you just can’t go wrong there. Being rich isn’t bad either. To be nonplused at having to repair the hall after it was strafed by machine guns, that’s just how Lara totally keeps her cool.


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