A Pirate’s Tale of Celebration

Truth be told: Me! Pillage and Plunder! Yeah Right! We were playing ANNO 1701, a game where you build eighteenth-century villages. It just so happened that my villagers rose up against me when my village ran out of food.

Ahoy, me lads and lasses! It be me again, here to tell ye of me good news and celebration. As mentioned before, I had the good fortune to sign a contract with Bree Ogden. The best agent I have come across on the high seas. And I be not just saying that.

Truth be told: I wasn’t really joined by any of these characters, but I did enjoy the ‘pirate movie’ marathon my friends threw for me.After which, we went to pillage and plunder the local villages. This could highlight any pirate’s evening.

While the week passed by, the news of this good fortune spread like wildfire across the seas, bring many of me friends into port for a celebration at Ketch Tavern.

There be Captain Blood, that old English dog, har har; Spit Fire Stevens, watch out for that one, lads; Long John Silver, still after Billy Bones; Captain Jack Sparrow, as unusual as ever; and me favorite cutthroats, Morgan Adams and Mad Dog.

Truth be told: I was tempted to continue reading Pirate Latitudes, but I’m having a hard time pushing myself through it. Though it has a great story line, it seems like I have already past the climax of the book where he has killed the main villain of the plot. And I’m only half way through the book! Either way, I’ll have to continue at some point.

We sat having a good meal while each weaved a good tale. Captain Morgan was kind enough to bring the spirits for the party.

We raced back to the ships with the loot in hand. We were to sail south, to meet Captain Hunter at Pirate Latitudes, but the way was blocked by Spanish solders and ten Naval frigates were at our backs. The captains sailed in separate directions and we slipped away into the night.

When I entered me cabin, I was surprised to find me pet squid dead! Hoping to have him grow to the size of the kraken by year’s end, I had just bought a larger tank for the lad. Now that he is belly up, though, I had a change of heart. I set up the new tank and caught me a shark twenty feet in length. After wrestling him into the tank, I then sailed to the pirate spa in Tortuga to have me a pedicure.

So, I’ll be leaving ye now to enjoy this Happy Father’s Day with yer ladies and yer wee buccaneers. Hope ye have an adventurous day. ARRR!