One Perspective of Death

I awoke this morning at 5 am, thinking of the perception of death. Death has always been a part of life. It can happen quickly or very slowly. Human caused or naturally. And, an ugly thing it is. There is never a time were death is beautiful. It’s always the same.

Despite the ugliness and the fear, death has also played the role of entertainment. For centuries, public executions took place as a form of entertainment as well as a warning for the people. It has become lyrics to songs. We place it into our books in the form of murder mysteries, to rid the world of a villain, or merely a result of an action scene. Even characters that no longer have a role to play (in a book or in television) seem to be cut from the script. It is a part of life and we have adapted to its presence.

I know that my story will one day end the very same way, in death. When and how, well I really don’t what to know. Death has already been a large part of my life, stealing away people I loved when I was very young. I was almost counted among the losses, sitting in a hospital bed sick as a dog. Though, at the time I had no knowledge of it. Maybe that is how you fight death. To not recognize it, even if it stands before you.

But, even so, death will always make himself known to the world. In action, in horror, in the circle of life. I can only conclude one thing about death (per my character John Skellig, Death’s Island): Death will give you hell until he gets you there.

One thought on “One Perspective of Death

  1. Death eventually touches us all. It is probably one of the most difficult thing to go through in our lives; watching other people going on while you try to live in their absences. All we can do is go on the best we can, and make the most of our own lives for we don’t know how long we each have.



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