Moby Dick V.S. the Kraken Followup

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Moby Dick V.S. the Kraken poll.  You contributions inspired the story below. Picture this as if you were watching a Discovery documentary with the voice talent of Martin Sheen.

Somewhere in the dark depths of the ocean, an epic battle is about to begin. The waters are quite. Not even the krill dare shiver as the giant sperm whale moves swiftly past. From the caves below, ten tentacles reach out and wrap around the white whale. Moby Dick flails, dragging the kraken into view. Its giant eyes stares at the monstrous whale in its grasp. The tentacles’ grip tightened.

Moby swings around, his massive jaws catching a tentacle between his sharp teeth. He clenches down and snaps the limb in half. The kraken lurches backwards, leaving a trail of blood behind. The squid, maddened with pain, seizes the whale with another tentacle holding fast to Moby’s tail. The whale dives for the sea floor and crashes the squid against the rocks. The squid releases and shoots after the whale.

The kraken latches around the sperm whale again. Its beak lashing at any flesh it could grab.  The whale hurls himself up towards the surface.  The sunlight blinds the kraken’s sensitive eyes. It releases its grasp and retreats into the dark depths, but it is not fast enough.

Moby wheels around and dives for the kraken, his giant mouth engulfing the massive squid’s head. The whale’s powerful jaws crush down in swift blows. In a last attempt, the squid releases a plume of ink. However, Moby swims through the black cloud with the prize draped in his mouth.

The sperm whale glides through his vast ocean home. The wounds the great white whale sustained in battle will eventually heal with time.  For now, Moby Dick survives another battle and enjoys another meal.

2 thoughts on “Moby Dick V.S. the Kraken Followup

  1. Hi, Im trying to find out the copyright information for the Kraken image, do you know which Moby Dick book by Herman Melville the picture came from or even who the illustrator for the image was?? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated



    1. Hi Kristin,
      I’m sorry, but I don’t remember. I had Google Imaged these a few years ago. The Kraken photo was on several different sites back then and they might still be out there with the information you are looking for. I would recommend maybe looking up ‘Kraken Monster’ in Google Image, you should be able to find something.


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