The Mind’s Eye

Each of us can understand what it is like to have a creativity block. It’s worse than ‘writer’s block’. Your mind just locks down on anything creative. Well, that is what happened to me recently. My mind’s eye shut down. I tried everything to reboot my creativity: gardening, breathing fresh air, exercise, etc… My mind was gone. However, the answer awaited for me at home.  There, tucked aside, were two of my old friends: The Mind’s Eye and the Beyond the Mind’s Eye VHS’s.

I still remember watching them when I was very young, and the stories I created with the images. I was always mesmerized by the graphic (which, I feel, beat even today’s latest graphics) and the amazing music. It takes your breath away. As I have grown older, the stories have changed. Some are more mature versions of the stories I created when I was young such as ‘seeds of life’. Others have changed completely such as ‘Technodance’.

If it is true that our personalities are shaped by our environment, then in some part I have these films to thank for my wild imagination. Thus, the films are a great way to reboot my creative mind.

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