Negotiating a Book Contract

“Negotiating a Book Contract” is a book any author should read, published or looking to be published.  One day, maybe now or in 50 years, each of us hopes to sign a contract with a publisher.  However, the language can be confusing and if not dealt with, you could end up signing a contract that you did not want to sign.  Publishers can use terms that are too general which could lead to issues with who can write your work or edit it, or they can add in a sentence which could lead to issues of sending your other works to other publishers.  Things, as a writer, I never thought of until I read this book.

“Negotiating a Book Contract” goes through each section of a general contract, explaining terms and certain pieces that should be a concern for an author.  After explaining the section, it then suggests different way of wording the contract to avoid any issues and even has an example of a letter to the publisher, requesting the changes in the contract.

I highly recommend this book.  If you are interested, there are copies sold on, or you could head to your local Barnes and Noble.  It’s well worth the money.